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The GSAC Bullet Proof Mask NIJ IIIA offers protection for Kids/Young Adults from small pistol and small rifle calibers up to a 7.62 bullet. Some of the features of the mask are as follows:

1. The material is ABS, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. (can be replaced with Kevlar)
2.The inside is equipped with a cushioning sponge block, which reduces the friction between the face and the mask during wearing, providing comfort and good protection.
3. Unique mask: Metal mesh (or thickened plastic sheet) is added to the eyes to protect the eyes; ventilation holes for the nose and mouth protect the face from foreign objects while maintaining air circulation.
4. designs can consider with cartoon character.

Kids/Young Adults Bullet Proof Mask

$25.55 Regular Price
$24.27Sale Price
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