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The Military Bulletproof Vest GSAC-BVO is designed for military for tactical operations. It provides full coverage protection under inter- national NIJ standard. Protecting the shoulder, collar, throat, groin, front and back. The ergonomic design provides a smoother fit to the body without restricting movement, while still affording maximum coverage. The 360 degree mole system gives the user more flexibility and space to gear up when preparing for a specific mission. Give you the best protection!


Protection area

Front, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Groin, can be customized


 Kevlar or PE


Around 4-5KG

Out shell Material

Customizable 600D Nylon


Black, can be customized

Protection Level

NIJ IIIA, can stand 9mm and .44 mag

GSAC-BV-1010 (Full Protection Vest)

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