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Problem of Reliable and Affordable Supply of Ammunition SOLVED!

GSAC announces its LIMITED TEAM Dealer/Wholesaler Membership Subscription Services to make the supply of the reliable ammunition easier.

GSAC announces its limited TEAM DEALER/WHOLESALER MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE for qualified dealers/wholesaler to combat the trending problem of acquiring reliable and affordable ammunition. Dealership subscription costs  $62.50 per year.


Our approach is like a Consumer Co-operative where the members receive the benefits from pooling their resources. We produce and buy in bulk and redistribute the savings back to our subscribers in the form of cheaper but reliable supplies. Subscription Fees is mainly for Administration, Logistics and Free Shipping for our members. 

At GSAC we allow qualified dealers/wholesaler that become part of our Subscription Services, the opportunity to order HIGH QUALITY ammunition in smaller quantities, mix and match their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of one million rounds of mixed calibers per each month. We will also work with smaller monthly orders on a case by case basis. Through this process we can offer better prices, flexibility and a growth process strategy. FREE SHIPPING THROUGH OUT USA!!! 

How do I take advantage of this offer?

The program is simple. Dealers/Wholesalers who desire to become part of this program are required to Register with GSAC. They then will submit a Request for Quotation for the type of ammunition, caliber and quantities for a YEARLY order subscription.

About GSAC

GSAC is engaged in the supply and production of ammunition (lethal and less-lethal ammunition). In addition, GSAC facilitates firearms training on all levels. GSAC also carries a variety of military gear and accessories. The company is in the process of securing one of the icon sites for the production of USA based ammunition.


The site sits on over 100 acres, with over 1.000,000 square feet of manufacturing operations, furnished with top-of-the-line and high production ammunition manufacturing equipment. The facility has areas for research and development, testing, administration, storage, and expansion. In conjunction with its  sister operations in Florida, and South Carolina, GSAC will have one of the largest ammunition operations in the USA producing all calibers of ammunition in amounts to meet the industry needs.  

GSAC also recognizes that the availability of components and supply chain logistics is of paramount importance to meet the industry's growing needs. As such, the company has embarked upon several initiatives with a focus on joint venture and partnership alliances with components manufactures with a focus on ammunition primers both domestically and internationally. This Joint Venture will yield a production capacity of one billion primers initially to scale up to two billion primers. Secondly, the company has completed a critical analysis of the challenges faced by the supply chain in the industry and has placed measures in place to combat shortages in raw materials, price stability while ensuring affordability, reduction in delays in the delivery of necessary completed components and end products for its customers. 


Our Products

You can't afford to let this amazing offer slip-by!

Subscribe to the Subscription Services NOW and unlock huge savings, flexibility and reliability in your ammunition supplies.

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